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How to Make a Lingam Outcall Massage in Guangzhou

In case of massage by outcall massage in Guangzhou the recipient is lying on his back in a relaxed position. Although massage will most likely result in sexual stimulation, in part, the destination of this massage is relaxation. Different types of massage oils can be used for this lingam massage in Madrid. It is slightly perfumed, it is natural, and it has a good taste too.


A series of gentle strokes to apply the oil start the lingam massage session in Guangzhou. You can receive the lingam massage in Guangzhou as an exclusive tantric massage or combine it with other tantric techniques to increase pleasure.

Way to do lingam massage by call girl

Start by putting the massage oil in the hands of our experienced erotic masseuses, letting it warm up a bit before starting to massage the inner thighs. Apply a firm but gentle pressure when you reach the area closest to the testicles. Paying attention to the faces and expressions of the receiving person to apply more or less pressure. After massaging the testicles, move the hands towards the perineum using downward movements to stimulate the area.


Finally as you begin to massage the lingam with firm slow movements of work with the massage oil on the shaft and on the head of the lingam. Squeezing gently from the base and moving upwards. With the fingers massaging the head and applying a gentle pressure with the fraenulum, and thus repeating again and again until achieving maximum excitation. The purpose of massage is not ejaculation. Men can have one or more orgasms without ejaculation using this lingam massage technique in Guangzhou.

Benefits of a lingam massage in Guangzhou

One of the main benefits of massage by Guangzhou outcall massage girl is to get a better control of your sexual energy and sexual desire. After several lingam massage sessions in Guangzhou the recipient can prolong the ejaculation.

• Solve problems related to sex, such as premature ejaculation
• Improve blood circulation for a firmer erection.
• Better control over internal energy.
• Combat stress and depression


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